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Klaus makes mature life choices, Caroline is still under-appreciated, and God himself could not sink this ship

Klaroline analysis/meta/rant for 4x23, ‘Graduation’. 

You know the drill by now :)

Apologies for how late this is, but revision, exams and personal stuff got in the way.  I’m not sure how coherent this is, as it has been chopped and added to since Friday, but oh well.

·         Klaus Mikaelsen- Actual Adult

-          This episode demonstrated a tremendous amount of growth for Klaus.  We all know that Klaus has a huge desire for companionship, love and loyalty while also suffering from near overwhelming paranoia and a frightful temper.  This is most obvious in his relationships with his siblings – he loves them, but he is as incapable of trusting them as he is of letting them go – thus the centuries spent daggered in boxes.  Then in season three when it became clear that his and Stefan’s relationship would not be what is was in the twenties he removes Stefan’s free will.  Note that when he confronts Stefan in 3x05 his anger is less about Stefan keeping Elena alive and potentially jeopardising the creation of hybrids, and more about Stefan betraying him.

-          But with Caroline, Klaus manages to finally move past all that.  “He’s your first love.  I intend to be your last, however long it takes.”  He loves this girl, but he’s prepared to let her go.  He is letting Caroline make her own choices and trusting/hoping/praying that someday that choice is him. 

-          The reason he is able to be this way with Caroline is because she asks it of him and moreover believes that he is capable of it, “Anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.”  (Caroline, 4x13)  “You wanna be friends?  Show me I can trust you.” (Caroline, 4x18).

-          This is one of the reasons I’m so against Elijah’s ‘redemption via the baby’ plan.  Elijah constantly tries to find his brother’s redemption through someone else – himself, their siblings, or a baby.  Caroline meanwhile, forces Klaus to find it within himself.

-          Elijah: You will spare [Katherine] because I am asking you to spare her.  As your family, as your only living brother, I would ask you that you provide me with this opportunity to feel, to care, to love. (4x19)

-          Caroline: I’m reaching out to you despite everything that you have done and you still can’t get out of your own way.  God, I feel sorry for you. (4x18)

-          Elijah tries to redeem his brother by making him care about the damage his actions do to other people.  While Caroline does this, she also shows Klaus how much he hurts himself, and refuses to let him wallow in his own self-loathing, “Fine.  Then maybe it’s because I’m pure evil and I can’t help myself.”/”No.  It’s because you’re hurt.” (Klaus and Caroline, 4x13).

-          This is why Klaus can become someone better around Caroline – it’s because she believes he can, and she asks him to do it but she won’t do it for him.

-          For me, this is one of the reasons Klaroline is such an engaging pairing.  They help each other grow and become stronger, but neither of them demands that they do it to earn ‘love’ as has been the case with Delena.  As Klaus grows Caroline cares about him more and he earns her friendship and trust.  As Caroline has matured Klaus’s infatuation became something much deeper and meaningful. 

-          Graduation is a rite of passage, a movement into adulthood and that’s what this episode provided for Klaus.  He made good, emotionally mature choices – giving Caroline what she wanted, not what he wanted to give her, letting her make her own choices, healing Damon seemingly without any strings attached.

-          “Then you return to Mystic Falls to resume your life as the hated one, as the evil hybrid?” (Elijah, 4x20) Ironically, when Klaus did return to Mystic Falls it was (a) by invitation and (b) he saved everyone.  Compare to how he arrived in season 2.  That’s development and leaves me feeling very proud of a fictional character.

·         In which the ‘Klaroline makes no sense’ argument can finally be laid to rest.

-          4x23 brought home just how close Klaus and Caroline are, all ideas of romance aside.   There is no more room for any ‘there’s nothing between them’ bullshit.  They are friends, very close friends, and Klaus has been stated to be in love with her (4x13) and wants her to love him as well (4x23).

-          Yes he left Mystic Falls to go to New Orleans, but the voicemail in 4x20 proved that Klaus was keeping lines of communication open.  Then in 4x23 we learn that she invited him to her graduation, which means she had an address to send the invitation to.  The only way she’d have an address was if Klaus gave it to her.  How much have they talked since he left Mystic Falls? 

-          On the subject of graduation – she invited him to a ceremony attended by friends and family.  Can we take a moment to appreciate what that would have meant to Klaus who, “wanted a family, they just didn’t want me”? (Klaus, 3x18) 

-          Klaus has spent his entire millennia long life searching for people who would be loyal to him, who could understand and care for him – his siblings, Marcel, Stefan, the hybrids – and guess what?  He found her.  Of course Klaus was going to that graduation.  The unleashing of hell on earth and the promise of vengeful ghosts were apparently less of a concern that missing Caroline’s big day.

-          This also links back to 4x18 – Klaus called Caroline and she came, in 4x23 Caroline ask for him to come, and Klaus left New Orleans in the dust.

-          Moreover, Caroline is relieved and happy to see him (in contrast to how she reacted to his appearances in season 3 and early season 4).  Compare her reaction to Klaus’s appearance to everyone else in the scene.   He’s just decapitated someone with a graduation cap, and she doesn’t know if he’s going to help Damon or not, but Caroline has this beautiful, satisfied smile on her face and they share the most beautiful look you’ve ever seen – which by the way, was a close up which is one of the most basic way in visual media of screaming, “LOOK AT ME!  IMPORTANT MOMENT.  IMPORTANT INTERACTION.  HELLO?!”

-          Once again Klaus and Caroline spent a lot of time together off screen.  What happened between him showing up at the school, and the next conversation we see (which takes place at night)?  Then they walk off together, and we don’t see either of them for the rest of the episode.  I’m convinced that Klaus stayed at least until the Veil was back up, lest any hybrids or witches showed up looking for vengeance and it’s entirely possible he stayed longer.

-          When you stop to consider how much time they’ve spent together, it’s impossible to ignore the relationship.  Klaus and Caroline don’t just have an intense five minute conversation every few weeks and then leave it at that.  In this season they have frequently spent significant portions of their day together that we aren’t shown on screen (4x06, 4x07, 4x09, 4x14, 4x17, 4x18, 4x19). 

-          We know they’ve spent the night together (in a non-sexual way) at least twice, (4x13, 4x17) and possibly a third and a fourth time in 3x11 and in 4x23. 

-          This is without considering that they both have each other’s phone numbers, addresses, and that Caroline is perfectly comfortable walking into his house whenever she feels like it (4x18 and 4x19), so it’s wouldn’t be straying too far from canon if you wanted to assume that they’ve spent time together outside of episodes.

-          Romantic!shipping aside, 4x23 cemented Klaroline as an important relationship in both of the character’s lives, and thus it would be a disservice to them, and to the fans, to not revisit it.

·         Not a girl, not yet a woman

-          Caroline’s arc since season two has been about her dealing with her transition and moving on from the insecure, bitchy and perfectly ordinary girl she was in season 1.  This arc extended into seasons 3 and 4 and culminated in 4x23 ‘Graduation’.

-          Season 4 tested Caroline’s morals and her view of herself, and has forced her re-evaluate what she wants from life, thus the change from wanting to run away with Tyler in 3x22, to deciding to stay in 4x14, and on some level wishing that Klaus would offer to take her to New Orleans 4x23. 

-          I feel the need to point out that the above isn’t a Forwood vs Klaroline point, not really.  Instead it highlights the two aspects of herself that Caroline has to deal with, the side that will protect and stand with Team Mystic Falls without question, and the side that buys in to what Klaus told her in 3x11 – the “Strong, ageless, fearless” Caroline.

-          One line in particular highlighted this duality to me, “One of the perks of being a vampire, we can go wherever we wanna go.  We could choose our own roommates, we could- we could get a triple room!”  (Caroline, 4x23).  In one breath you have Caroline the vampire, who is using and enjoying her gifts, on the other you have Caroline the teenaged girl who has never left Mystic Falls and clings stubbornly to what she knows.

-          Caroline needs to find a balance between these two points.  Caring for her friends shouldn’t come at the expense of her own well- being (mental and physical), happiness and self-respect, nor should reaching her full potential necessitate losing her friends.

-          However, while reaching her full potential shouldn’t mean Caroline has to lose some of her friends, I think that may be what happens.   For instance I would support a diminishing of Elena and Caroline’s friendship, if only to allow it to rebuilt in a much more healthy way.  Elena said to Caroline, “If you’re waiting for an apology, you’re not going to get one” (4x22) and guess what?   Even with her emotions completely back on, we still haven’t got an apology.  At graduation, Elena thanked and hugged Bonnie (who deserved that, don’t get me wrong) and ignored Caroline, despite the fact that Caroline continually reached out and tried to help her when her humanity was off, and accepted her back with open arms, not to mention seemingly planned the graduation ceremony that they were all so happy to attend. 

-          I think the most important change in Caroline can be illustrated by these two quotes,

      “I’m a murderer, I’m a monster … why did Katherine do this to me?” (Caroline, 2x02)

“But if you could [take the cure], you wouldn’t, would you?  You prefer who you are now to the girl you once were.  You like being strong, ageless, fearless.” (Klaus, 4x14)

-          While fans and certain characters in-show (Stefan, Liz Forbes, Klaus) have acknowledged how Caroline has grown, other characters have not, and still perceive her as “girly little Caroline” (2x13).  This needs to be addressed in season 5, whether through Caroline taking a more active role in the supernatural plots, or a dark!Caroline arc, because otherwise she is being wasted around Team Mystic Falls, who apparently need her to be held back to appear as useful .

-          Case in point, Caroline was trying to deal with the Silas situation since 4x17 (after it was clear he was a threat to herself and her friends, especially Bonnie) yet in the end she was made to appear weak (the by now infamous cutting scene in 4x22 which we shall all pretend never happened) in favor of Damon, Alaric and Elena being the heroes.  The only one who had a hero role in 4x22 and actually deserved it was Bonnie.  Until that point the Silas plotline involved Bonnie, Stefan, Klaus and Caroline (4x15, 4x16, 4x17, 4x18) and was then discarded in favour of TVD’s usual set up.  Honestly at this point I want Caroline in TO, not exclusively because of Klaroline, but because it’s more likely she’d be allowed the key roles in plotlines that she deserves.

-          To bring this back to Klaroline, I’ve mentioned before that Caroline is much more of an adult when she’s with Klaus.  She’s more assertive, less erratic and more sensible.  Even her dialogue in scenes with Klaus is written to be slightly more mature than when she’s with the others,(the except to this being scenes she has alone with Stefan) and Candice’s acting comes across as little more restrained – less like a teenager.  

-          In other words, Caroline’s relationship with the man who should be the worst thing on the planet for her, is actually what helps her grow –  in the end it may be what’s best for her.

·         Caroline, Stefan, Silas, oh my!

-          Now let me be clear, I used to ship Steroline (and still do in AUs and fanfic) but I do not want to see it happen in show.  Ever.  I still in enjoy it in fic, manips, vids etc, but in show the idea makes me very uncomfortable.

-          4x23 proved what has been demonstrated all season, the writers will never let Stefan get over Elena.  They will never let the triangle end.  Ever.  How many times has Stefan tried to move on and how many times has he been shoved back to square one?  The writers tossed out his growth from 4x06-4x19 for the sake of drama and maintain the love triangle in 4x23. 

-          Even if Caroline and Stefan do develop get together, I will bet the contents of both of my bank accounts that (a) Elena will be a factor and constant presence in the relationship and (b) sooner or later Stefan will have to choose between Caroline and Elena, and it will be Elena.  Caroline will be dragged right back to where she was in the very first episode, watching as Stefan moves past her on to Elena.   Once again she’ll never “be the one”.  She deserves better – even Forwood is preferable to that.

-          However the fact that Stefan is Silas’s doppelganger makes turns the Steroline idea on its head. If Steroline happens while Silas is pretending to be Stefan (Making it what, Silorline? Silaline?  Carolas? IDK) then maybe we have something.   I mean it’s possible, as 4x21 and 4x22 demonstrated that Silas has it out for Caroline for reasons known only to himself.

-          Don’t get me wrong, it would be outright rape (though the show has a history of never calling a spade a spade) but I could deal with it, perhaps even support it if it was handled well (i.e given the seriousness it deserved, not brushed under the carpet, excused, blamed on Caroline or turned into a romance) and if Caroline was then able to defeat Silas (along with Stefan).  Let Caroline be upset, broken by it, whatever, but then let her go on a rampage and demonstrate exactly why you don’t fuck with her.  And if this involves a little foray into the darker side of her nature even better.  Silas gets his ass handed to him by two of the three people he’s targeted the most (and if one of them were to make a ‘This is for Bonnie’ comment I would die happy), Steroline friendship would be tested and hopefully grow stronger, and Caroline gets to be the heroic, yet dangerous vampire well all know she can be. 

-          Then a more cynical, darker, broken-but-gluing-herself-back-together Caroline goes to NOLA and raises hell.

-          Eh, we can hope.

-          Having said all that if anyone writers, fans anyone, tried to romanticize Silas/Caroline in that context I swear I will be driven to murder.  Murder.

·         The Feelings are there.  Deal with it.

-          Back to happy Klaroline related things, yay!

-          As I mention the previous two points is that by 4x23 Klaus and Caroline are friends.  However by this point I think it’s safe to say that Caroline is starting love Klaus, if she doesn’t already.

-          The first screaming clue we got was way back in 4x07, when they went on their ‘date’.  Their interactions in that episode were fundamentally different from those that came before.  Firstly, neither of them had an ulterior motive.  Secondly it was the first time that Caroline really opened up with him about her own problems – her feelings about Delena, and as I explained in this meta, , her feelings about vampirism.  Thirdly, it was the first time we saw them together in daylight with both of them bathed in light and bright colours, whereas previously they were either in half-light (the Grill or in the school) or interacted at night.  Due to this the whole feel of that interaction is different – you get the feeling that something has changed or is changing.

-          This is proven true in 4x13, when Caroline speaks about Klaus’s humanity (making her the first person to acknowledge that it still exists), “Because I’ve seen it –because I’ve caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things you’ve done.” (Caroline, 4x13).  It wasn’t just the audience that saw Klaus in a different light in 4x07, Caroline did too, to the extent that she believes that he’s “capable of being saved.” (Caroline, 4x13).  4x13 was the episode that took everything we assumed about Klaroline and blew it to pieces, because from that point on it wasn’t an obsession, or a distraction, it was acknowledged as real.

-          Then 4x14-4x17 took those broken up pieces and stomped on them.  This needed to happen because in seasons two, three and early season four, Klaus and Caroline had both hurt each other in different ways.  When the status quo was shattered in 4x13 and 4x14 something had to be built between them to replace it.  Klaus (quite predictably) went down the self-destruct route in 4x16, and Caroline went deep into denial about both Klaus and herself (4x17).

-          Thus by 4x18 we knew Klaus’s feelings were there, and were only given greater evidence when he called Caroline when he thought he was dying.  We know Caroline feels something when she turns up to help him and extends the offer of friendship.  This isn’t something to be easily dismissed – we all know how much Caroline loves her friends, to what lengths she’ll go to look after and protect them and Klaus now falls under that umbrella.  From 4x18, Klaroline moved into a much more solid place.

-          Come 4x19.  Now I don’t think Caroline knows the extent of what Klaus did for her in that episode, but she knows some of it, and she’ll certainly suspect after his graduation gift in 4x23.  What we do learn in this episode is that she feels comfortable with him, that she trusts him, and that she doesn’t censor her control freak tendencies around him. 

-          Moreover, in 4x21 we learn that Caroline misses Klaus, indicating the prominent role he now occupies in her life.

-          So far from Caroline’s side there is clear friendship.  However there’s a hell of a lot more.  Twice we hear Elena allude to the fact that Caroline has sexual thoughts about Klaus, then in 4x21 we hear it from a much more reliable source – Silas, “Deep down, you long to have your perfect feathers ruffled.” (Silas, 4x21)

-          So there we have Caroline throughout season four who increasingly likes, cares about, trusts and wants to help Klaus.  Those emotions are for the most part, safe. Caroline is a fixer, “she likes projects” (Matt, 4x21).  As much as I believe Caroline’s friendship with Klaus is genuine, I think it may also have been a way for her to place Klaus into a compartment in her life so as to make the whole situation easier.  However at the same time she’s having “dirty thoughts” (Elena, 4x16) about him.

-          Quiz, what do you call it when enjoy spending time with someone, don’t want to be separated from them, care deeply for someone, trust them as completely as you can, and are also attracted to them sexually?

-          Answer: Love.  It’s called love.

-          I don’t believe Caroline is in the clutches of romantic love, at least not in the hearts, flowers, blushes and giggles kind of way.  Instead it’s more subtle, something that perhaps Caroline doesn’t even recognise for what it is.  But all the different aspects of love are there. 

-          What convinces me of this is Caroline’s response to Klaus’s declaration that he intends to be her last love.  She does not mock him, she doesn’t laugh, she doesn’t invoke Tyler’s name, she doesn’t tell Klaus that they’re ‘just friends’ and that’s what they’ll always be.  She smiles, and walks away with her arm in his, and we get a long shot of them leaving the football pitch together.  If nothing was ever going to happen, why not tell Klaus so?  Caroline has never had a problem telling him exactly what she thinks of him - except when it comes to anything remotely resembling positive feelings for him. 

-          Caroline’s silence implies that what Klaus said is possible, and the only way she’d know that was if she had some knowledge of her own less than platonic feelings for him.  The last barrier she had to throw at him (Klaus and Tyler’s feud) is gone.  She and Tyler have been apart as much as they’ve been together, she didn’t even mention his absence at graduation – her feelings for him have diminished enough that she can see past them to feelings for other people, namely Klaus.

-          Conclusion – Caroline loves Klaus, but isn’t in the romantic ‘in love’ stage yet.  Honestly, that’s okay; we’ve seen her like that with Matt and Tyler.  Klaroline has always been a slow relationship made of subtleties - let it stay that way.

·         The ‘Big One’ AKA Endgame

-          One way or another, Klaroline is not dead.  I don’t believe that 4x23 was the end, not by a long shot.  There are several reasons for this, the first is that the writers and the network can’t afford for it to be the end.

-          To put it mildly, the TO pilot did not go down well.  At all.  The episode itself caused problems – Hayley is almost universally disliked, the baby plot was received terribly and has done terrible damage to Julie Plec’s reputation, and there was blatant character assassination in the name of making the plot work (poor, poor Elijah).

-          To make matters worse Julie, Carina and some of the actors reacted negatively to the backlash, alienating their fanbase.  TVD is (and TO will be) a cult programme, they need a large and active fanbase to survive, the instant that vanishes they are screwed.  They cannot afford to abandon Klaroline, especially if they want to keep all the issues fans had with the pilot in the show.  Caroline and Klaroline are one of the few ways they can guarantee that people will watch – Caroline has a large fan following, and many Klaroline shippers are Klaus fans and vice versa.

-          Moreover, if the writers don’t insist on Klaroline, the network might because if there’s one thing the CW is good at, it’s changing shows until they make money (or scraping them if they don’t) and even the ‘Great’ Julie Plec isn’t immune to this (and won’t be, if her multiple shows start underperforming).  I would prefer the writers to do it themselves, because network interference in shows is often noticeable and jarring, but at this point I’m so bitter about how the fans have been treated that I’d quite like to see the network make their lives miserable.

-          On a happier, more positive note, TVD’s narrative indicates that Klaroline isn’t over, in fact, it’s possible to look at 4x23 and conclude that Klaroline will never really be over.

-          I am now christening the rest of this section ‘How not to end a ship’.

-           “He’s your first love.  I intend on being your last, however long it takes.” (Klaus, 4x23).

-          One of the things I love about Klaroline and which is pretty rare in vampire shows/novels/films, is that one of the corner stones of their relationship is the fact that they are vampiresthey are immortal.  Nine times out of ten, it’s a vampire/human hook up and from then on the challenge is for said vampire and human to reconcile their differences and try to make the relationship work (and in most cases, fail).

-          Klaus and Caroline started their relationship from a completely different place.  Their first scene in 3x11 focused on the benefits of living forever and that makes all the difference.  As much as Klaus loves her, there’s no hurry for them to get together, because barring an unfortunate accident, they quite literally have all the time in the world.

-          Even if Klaroline never romantically happens on either show, this one crucial facet of their relationship means that in universe and in fanfic, Klaroline will always be plausible – it can never really be taken off the table.  Klaus’s requirement isn’t that he’s first, second or third but that he’s last.

-          How can 4x23 be a ‘goodbye’ for Klaroline, when there was no good bye scene? Instead the episode repeated what we already knew; Klaus has to and is prepared to wait.    Guys, if you wanted to sink a ship that was not the way to go about it.  I know TVD has some dodgy writing, but unless the word ‘goodbye’ and its synonyms has vanished from both Julie Plec and Caroline Dries vocabularies, this was deliberate.

-          Because of their immortality and its role in their relationship, Klaroline works to a completely different time scale to every other couple on the show.  While Caroline lives her life and matures, Klaus can do whatever and whoever he wants, because for these characters “right now” isn’t a consideration.  Maybe Caroline will spend another month, year or decade with Tyler.  Maybe he has child with Hayley.  Maybe he has a fling with Camille.  What are those brief periods of time in the context of the life spans Klaus and Caroline have?  After all, Klaus believes that one day - maybe in a year or in a century - she’ll come to him.  

-          Most importantly of all, Caroline didn’t contradict him.  She did not say, “No, I will love Tyler forever.” 

-          Basically the only way the writers could permanently sink this ship is to kill one of them and make sure there’s no ghostly mischief, because otherwise there will always be a chance.  Always.

-          Even if TO sucks (and it looks like it’s going to) Klaroline always has solid logic to back it up in fandom world.  We don’t like you’re reality?  We’ll make it our own.

·         Thoughts and things

-          I have missed Alaric and his friendship with Damon, he was fabulous in this episode.

-          Bonnie broke my heart, and if it was a toss-up between her and Jeremy, I would have rather had her live.  After all of the fallout Jeremy’s death caused, him being alive seems to invalidate all of it and seems to be a way to brush all of Elena’s issues under the carpet – “S’okay my bro’s alive now, I’m all good.  No trauma here.  Next plotline please –oh, hey Damon.”

-          Human!Katherine is ridiculous because unless there’s some serious character assassination there is no way she’s going to remain human for longer that three episodes.  Katerina Petrova brought about her own transition when she was seventeen.  She has contacts all over the globe.  There is no logical or in character way for her to remain human – expect of course if the writers butcher her character and have her stay human only to drag her to New Orleans so Hayley can become a hybrid.  Which, by the way still shouldn’t logically work because there is no way in hell Elijah, Rebekah, Marcel or the witches want Klaus to start creating another hybrid army.  I’m also prepared to bet that Hayley doesn’t particularly want to wind up sired either.  Elijah has been in love with Katherine for a 500 years, he’d turn her to prevent Klaus using her, everyone else I mentioned would kill her and be done with it.  IT DOESN’T WORK.  STOP.

-          If anyone in that show had any sense they’d have kept it in case Silas was ever freed and then shoved in down his throat – or hell, just kept it as insurance against Klaus.  But NOPE TOO SMART.

-          Mabekah are adorable pity they are doomed by canon.  If anyone should have gotten the cure, it should have been Rebekah.

-          Klaus didn’t get to see Kol because Kol was trapped.  DID KLAUS THINK HIS BROTHER CHOSE NOT TO COME AND SEE HIM?  Excuse me while I cry forever.

-          Three seasons later and I’m still not over the fact that Lexi is dead.

-          Alexander was a douche.  I don’t know where he gets off being all high and mighty with Rebekah – he betrayed her.  Why didn’t she just snap his neck?  Come to think of it, how did three dead hunters manage to get Matt onto that rigged set up when he had an Original protecting him?  Are we just going to ignore that Rebekah is the third/fourth most powerful creature on the planet?

-          As ridiculously out-of-the-blue as the Silas/Stefan doppelganger twist was, I’m glad Paul gets a chance to play a villain because he does it so well.

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